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Close Up

Close Up Crocuses

Close Up Crocuses

I think this is more my style – to make something semi-abstract, where the lines and colours are more important than describing the thing in its totality, accurately.

I listened to a talk by a photographer once – someone whose work I liked – and he talked about figurative or representational photography where an essential element is to explain the thing being photographed.

In Arles

That is to say, if the thing is a chair, then show an isometric view from slightly above so that the viewer can get the best idea of what a chair looks like.

I immediately think of Van Gogh’s painting of his room in Arles where he messes up the perspective of what appears to be representational.


  1. coolfeline

    Interesting points, and the crocuses [or is it crocii? :)] are marvellously colourful.

    On a totally different note; Why do you think it is that the premium themes are so expensive?


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