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How Many Websites Are There

From TechlogOn

“It is impossible to be absolutely certain how many websites there are in the world but UK research company Netcraft have released their latest November survey of web servers and concluded there are about 525 million websites in the world today – a rise of 22 million (4.3%) since last month.

Interestingly, the number of active sites is only 172 million – so there are 353 million inactive sites.”

The January report from Netcraft states:

In the February 2012 survey we received responses from 612,843,429 sites. Compared to January, this represents an increase of 30M hostnames or +5.2%.



  1. coolfeline

    What do they mean by ‘inactive’? …that they’re simply ‘down’, or what? Strange, as you have to pay..


    • I may be wrong about this, but I don’t think they are down or they wouldn’t register on the server.

      One doesn’t have to pay for, Typepad, or Blogger sites or one of many other free sites.

      Also, you have probably seen those sites that are just links to other sites. The content remains the same for ages, so the sites are essentially inactive.

      When SOPA was in the news a few weeks ago and GoDaddy was getting a lot of adverse publicity for supporting the bill, I read about webmasters who register hundreds (sometimes thousands) of domains on a regular basis.

      Also, web hosts like Dreamhost allow unlimited domains to be hosted, so there is no additional charge in hosting more sites. If each site is just static HTML, it doesn’t take up much room on a web server and can be built on a template in minutes and uploaded.

      I wonder how many one-page static websites can be hosted on the head of a pin?


      • coolfeline

        Yeah, that’s true. Guess I just didn’t think. I do know about those who sign up for domain names and do nothing with them. I guess they think they can sell them for more money later. For over a year now, I’ve been wanting but it has been occupied by one of those. We’ll see now in March some time, how it goes..


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