Project 365 Day 50 – The Raspberry Sisters

One Night Only!

When I started Project 365 I had a vision of finding ‘things overlooked’ and photographing them. And I knew I wanted to photograph things close up.

The problem was that I didn’t have a close-up lens.

A couple of days ago I bought some close-up filters and I’m using those. I knew raspberries looked or perhaps felt like they were covered in little hairs – now I know they are covered in them.

Raspberries Close Up


  1. I’m sure The Raspberry Sisters will become a huge success! Love the photo.

    What filters did you use?

    I have a 50mm prime lens, but no macro… I’d love to have though..

    Raspberries are a little hairy πŸ™‚ …I think they have little bones in them too..


      1. It’s a Sony Cyber-shot – it was on sale, when I bought it. But it frequently makes blurry pictures and all I can do with it is to choose the subject and hope it won’t turn out too bad. I would love to make close ups, but it doesn’t even realise a macro shot :/


  2. That’s beautiful detail you’ve captured. I think it’s dangerous that I know about these filters now though.

    I’ve got a small macro addiction in me just waiting to come out and until now the only thing that’s kept it suppressed is the lack of a macro lens πŸ˜‰


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