Project 365 Day 47 – Snowdrops

The Temperature’s Rising And The Snowdrops Are Out

Snowdrops: a perennial, herbaceous plant whose Latin name (Galanthus species) means ‘milk flower’ and of which 19 species are recognised.

These are most probably Galanthus nivalis – the Common snowdrop.

The iron fixture behind them is the base of pole at one end of the washing line.

Can you ‘detect’ what I see – the slightly dour and forbidding light of February in Edinburgh?

The sun did shine brightly yesterday, but today the sun was hidden and the sky was tempered and shot through with blue-grey – a look that I know so well from these Northern cities.

Close Snowdrops

3 replies on “Project 365 Day 47 – Snowdrops”

Wow! That must be extremely early, huh?! Regardless of how mild a winter we’ve had here, I don’t expect to see the first crocus until late March..

Awesome shots!

You said in some earlier post/comment that you’d just moved to Edinburgh … where did you live before?


I don’t know how early they are for Scotland, but it has been a very mild winter up to now.

We moved from England – it really does feel like we moved from another country. I know it is another country (even though part of Great Britain) but it feels more foreign than I would have guessed.

Thanks for the comment about the photos. I have a special relationship with flowers – every time I photograph them, the wind picks up. 😉

That and the fact that I was using my little Panasonic GF1 meant that the focusing was difficult with me sitting on my haunches, swaying in the wind with the snowdrops.


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