Project 365 Day 44 – Paint Your Borders

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First I Watched The Video

Then I Decided To Try It At Home

Buddha Border

What Day Of The Project Is This?

One of the things I didn’t think of when I started Project 365 was how difficult it might be to actually work out what day of the year it is.

I don’t post every day, so I have to count the days in order to make sure that it is Day 44 when I title the post with Day 44.

So I googled for a calendar that would tell me.

I found this one (it is set for a leap year) so now I have eliminated one more anxiety from life.

Utopian Calendar

If you also are doing Project 365, you might want to bookmark the calendar yourself and avoid what day of the year is it anxiety.

365 Plus One

I know I should have called this project, Project 366, but I didn’t think of the fact that 2012 is a leap year when I started it. Mentally though, I see 366 whenever I look at the 365.


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