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Recently Added

Recently Added

This is a grab shot of the thumbnails of the latest three ecards uploaded on the main site. Reading from left to right there is a Valentine’s Day card with the letterbox and ‘Will you be my valentine?’.

The second is a Reflections card and has a quotation from Oscar Wilde who asks, ‘Who, being loved is poor?’

The third is a Romantic Love card and has a quote from Pablo Neruda:

I have forgotten your love, yet I seem to glimpse you in every window.


  1. Not until now did I realize that you have a couple of other sites too. I’ve also had self-hosted WP before. Gave that up for a couple of reasons …one, being that last year I signed up for Daily Post here at wordpress.COM. It was funnier to be part of the and the global tagging system.

    The cards are simply beautiful!!!


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