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Dahl’s Chickens – 200th Birthday

I have a habit of switching the initial sounds of two words or the initial sounds of a two-sylable word.

I do it voluntarily because the ‘switch’ jumps into my head and if I feels appealing, I say it.

Of course, it depends on the company. I am unlikely to say it when buying a loaf of bread, or at the bank.

And if you haven’t got the ‘switch’ in the title to this article – it was Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday on February 7th.

I guess part of the attraction of this particular ‘switch’ is that Dahl brings to mind Roald Dahl, who, like Dickens, is an author.

That extra connection makes the switch more appealing to me.

Coming Unstuck

I have come unstuck a couple of times.

I worked in an office for a while and was opening the morning’s post with the office manager and a couple of other people when we were talking about the situation in the Middle East and in particular on the West Bank.

I knew the people there pretty well and what I said was not a problem, but it was fun to think what can trip off one’s tongue.

Facebook also gives me problems.

Those problems aside, my wife thinks the wiring in my brain is screwy (for more reasons than just swapping sounds) but I get a kick out of the ‘switch’ and the way it jumps into my mind.

But If This Is True

Apropos screwiness, if you want to read something really scary, try this article in Atlantic Monthly about cat parasites infecting people’s brains…

Meanwhile, Back At The Dickens Ranch

Charles Dickens - Dahl's Chickens - What's in a name

Charles Dickens


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