Project 365 Day 38 – Sit Right Down

Cue the music:

I’m going to sit right down and write myself a letter
and make believe it came from you…

The words were written by Joe Young in 1935 and the song (melody by Fred Ahlert) was first recorded by Fats Waller the same year.

This recording just shows what someone with talent can do to lift a well-known song into something special – especially his piano playing in the intro.

Meanwhile, I came across an old typewriter today, and I was just thinking thinking of typing a line of text when the words ‘I’m going to sit right down…’ just started typing themselves. (See the photo further down this page.)

When I was listening to Fats Waller say ‘Kisses on the bottom’ it reminded me of something my wife told me a couple of days ago – that Paul McCartney’s upcoming album of that name had received some adverse publicity for the apparent double entendre of the title.

You can listen to the song by Paul here.

In these dark days of SOPA and RIPA etc. I naturally wondered about how the content got onto

Is it supposed to be there? Is it licensed? Is it authorised? I cannot believe otherwise bearing in mind the Facebook page, the T shirts, and the other music there.

So am I OK to link to it from here? Surely so – that is how the web is built. Still, in these dark days of … I had better take a look at their policy. It is here, and it says:

5. Our Linking and Widget Policy

Any web site that links to the Website or on which you include the widget: (a) must not frame, surround, obfuscate or create a browser or border environment around any of the Content of the Website; (b) may link to, but not replicate, the Content; etc.

So that’s OK then.

Kisses On The Bottom

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