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I love it when I come across a new font. This is ‘Lavanderia’, available from Losttype. The word ‘Lavanderia’ is written in this font, while the word ‘font’ is in ‘Nevis’ font.

Lavanderia Font

Lavanderia Font

Here is the same font only this time I didn’t hit ‘bold’ in Photoshop – which I did with the version above because I am tired and should be in bed, which I will be straight after this!

Lavanderia Not Bold


  1. I’ve installed it, but something seems to be wrong when I try to use it in Photoshop. It’s alright when I bring it up in something like Notepad..


    • Mmm, What’s wrong with it in Photoshop?

      How did you get it into your header?

      I installed all three variants into Fontbook, but only the finest version shows in the list of this font in Photoshop. I validated the font in Fontbook even though I thought it would be OK because of where I got it from, and it validated OK. Not sure why only the finest version is showing up in Photoshop though.


      • I don’t know what Fontbook is, but I’m sure it’s something good.

        Only the finest version shows up in Photoshop. In Notepad they all show up, and look like your example here.

        If I type a word [in PS], and don’t start it with a capital letter, the first letter in the word looks all stupid, with a long ornament or whatever … [ligature?].

        I made the header myself … they tell you somewhere the exact size of it..


        • Fontbook comes bundled with Macs. So we have the same ‘problem’ – only the finest version shows up in Photoshop.

          When I asked how you got the font into your header, I meant did you use Photoshop or some other editing program? All clear now.

          I might get around to asking Losttype about the font loading.


  2. I’ve sorted out my problems with this font in PS now. Not that it loads anything else but the regular, but I found a setting about those ornaments I was talking about.

    I’ve been away from PS for so long, and now I’ve just started again … feeling a little lost. Trying to teach myself now, by reading online stuff..


  3. Brenda

    I downloaded the font to both my iPhone and iPad. It is working for Word but not for Photoshop Touch.

    The name appears in PS but when typed it is a large size very plain font.

    Any ideas?


    • I am not sure but I would guess that this font is not recognised by Photoshop in iOS, so it substitutes a standard font. I see that in Photoshop on my Mac sometimes when I use a font that has a character set for letters but not for numbers. If I type a number, the name of the font disappears from the Character panel and is replaced by a standard font.


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