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Project 365 Day 33 – Scotland And England

This is not a post. It is not an article. It is a direction sign, a pointer.

It is an invitation to read my article on the Quillcards Blog about the coming referendum on Scottish Independence, and the troubled history of Scotland’s relationship with England.

Fire Basket At Berwick To Warn Of Scottish Invasion


  1. Teresa Silverthorn

    This makes me realize that I haven’t gotten an update from your Quillcards blog in quite a long time…

    I am subscribed.


    • Mmm, thanks for mentioning it. The last article was the January 23rd article from Tamara about Jane Austen at Chawton.

      If it comes to mind, would you let me know if you don’t get the feed of the Scotland article – it should come through to you tomorrow. I’ve made a note to myself to ask you tomorrow.


      • Teresa Silverthorn

        I didn’t get the last article. Nor did I get a few before that. I just looked at your site.

        I wonder if your other subscribers are getting theirs?


        • I checked and your name is not on the list to get the articles by email. I didn’t delete any names, so I don’t know what happened.

          You can sign up at the top right of the blog. I was just re-styling the signup box (hence the delay in replying to you) but I have got it now.


    • Thanks for telling me.

      I know I am getting mine (I signed up with another email address so I could check that articles are coming through). I will look at the list in Feedburner and see what is going on and let you know.


  2. I’ve just read the article about Scotland/England. It was interesting. I lived five years in Quebec before moving to Atlantic Canada. In QC they have a certain separatist movement, they’ve had two referendums ..the last was 1995, I think. Before my time..


    • I’ve only recently moved to Scotland, so I am not sure how big the separatist movement is, but I get the feeling that there is not a lot of love for those English people who are seen as putting on airs.


  3. Teresa Silverthorn

    Ok, signed up. (again)

    By the way, have you ever dared to click on the “handicap” button when leaving a comment somewhere? You know the type….where there is a squiggly word that you have to copy into the box. Or, if you can’t see (?) the word – you click on this little handicap symbol.

    Turn your volume up, and click on that thing.

    Most bizarre sounds come out of it. Never heard anything like that before.

    Like stereotypical “alien” language.

    Quite amusing.



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