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Too important and well-written not to reblog.

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

When February comes around, there are a few things you can always count on. There will be people complaining about how much weight they have gained over the winter. You will be subjected to eating “conversation hearts,” the candy that looks like chalk and tastes even worse. There will be great deal on mattress and cars to honor Lincoln on Presidents’ Day.

More importantly, though, is a celebration that infiltrates our entire culture.

February is Black History month.

Black History Month found its roots in Negro History Week, a week founded by historian Carter G. Woodson in 1926. Woodson, one of the smartest and most interesting people to exist, wanted to educate all of America about the history of African-Americans. To put it simply, Woodson wanted a period of time where people did not entirely ignore W.E.B. Dubois, Frederick Douglass, and George Washington Carver.

The end of…

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  1. What a great and well-written article. I’m glad you reblogged it.
    It’s difficult to write about such a sensitive subject, but he did it with brilliance.

    An interesting point was also brought up there; how we, many a time, learn for the tests, in school…


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