Who Will Scan Your Negatives

After I published my article on scanning negatives, I got an email from Leslie Nuccio from GoPhoto, which is another firm like Scancafe that will scan your negatives.

I like the way Leslie grabbed the initiative, contacted me, and laid out the selling points for his firm’s service:

  • Scanned in the U.S.
  • No up-front payment
  • Only pay for the scans you keep and no limit on deletions

So, you might want to take a further look at GoPhoto

Once I actually have my negatives out of storage and in my hands, I shall look into this service more. It’s not a big deal for me that a service is in the States, however, because I am not there:I am in Scotland.

It may be different for you, however, if you are in the States.

I just took another look at Scancafe, and see that their global headquarters is in the States. That suggests that the worker bees are elsewhere, but that’s just a passing thought.

I don’t really see what difference it makes where they are located provided the negatives etc. are sent and returned securely.

For example, if Scancafe’s workshops are in India, well there is the famous tiffin trade in the major cities that testifies to how the country can organise itself.


Tiffin is the Indian word for lunch. It is a hangover from the days of the British Raj.

Every day, millions of city workers hand over their tiffin boxes (a kind of cylindrical metal box with sections) to the collectors, who speed off to the restaurants to get the orders fulfilled.

And every day the workers get their lunch delivered in their own tiffin boxes. Each one is collected and delivered to the correct person, day after day.

Now think of the several million people in Delhi or Calcutta who get the correct tiffin box day after day, and you will see why I am not worried if my negatives go to India rather than to the U.S.

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