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Project 365 Day 25 – Chawton Contact Sheet

This is a screen grab of the images I had open in Adobe Bridge. I put them there so my wife Tamara could decide which of them she wanted to use in her article about Jane Austen in Chawton. Because it was a screen grab, it reminded me of contact sheets from the days of film.

Of course, you may still shoot film and develop and print the film yourself, in which case this image is a digital version of the contact sheets you make.

I have a lot of contact sheets – not sure how many – in store along with a lot of negatives. I also have my father’s negatives and prints in the same store.

One day I hope to get them all scanned and digitised. There are services that will do that for you and I may take advantage of their services because I know from experience that scanning even a small number of negatives or prints is a long job.

These scanning services have everything down to a production line, with superior equipment – so that is what I should use.

The only thing that is stopping me is that the prints are in store and that I am worried about mailing my negatives. When I get over that and when I get to the store (it is not in this country, but that’s another story), I shall send them to ScanCafe.

To complete the picture, here is a link to Ken Rockwell’s site because I first read about scanning services on Ken’s site.

Word and Idea Association

I find I do that a lot. I will be thinking of something and then the idiom I use relates to the overall subject matter. See how I wrote ‘to complete the picture’ just now?

Do you do that kind of thing?



8 thoughts on “Project 365 Day 25 – Chawton Contact Sheet Leave a comment

  1. If I could complete a picture, my life would be completely different than it is.

    And I think I would be bored.

    I’m painting my bedroom right now. It’s taking a dastardly long time, but I’m enjoying it – and will miss the experience when it’s over.

    Maybe that’s why I’m taking so dastardly long to do it? 😉


    • One of the subjects that interests me is encapsulated in a couple of lines. One is from a Bob Dylan song in which he says that even heaven must get boring after a while. The other is the scene in Camus’ The Stranger after he shoots the man on the beach and says to the reader – In that moment I knew I had broken the balance of the day.

      Somewhere, being in balance but with a sense of things to do that give reward seems right to me – at least it feels right when it feels right.

      May the painting of the room take as long as you would like it to take. 😉


      • I felt the same way after breaking my right hand a few months ago. After it was healed, and the cast was removed – I missed the challenge of using my left hand all the time.

        But, I’ve noticed that I can now paint my bedroom with either my right hand – or my left.


        Indeed 😉


  2. Maybe. But, oh….the color.

    “Venetian Stucco”

    When the sun comes through the windows, it makes you want to taste the walls…

    Never seen a color like this



  3. Yes, but with a tiny touch of peach.

    Reminds me of some kind of delectable pastry.

    Loving it, absolutely loving it. Painting the heavy, wide trim – bright white gloss.

    Stunning, and rewarding.


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