David Hockney at the Royal Academy

This is a link to an article from the Daily Norm that the author has entitled David Hockney at the RA – A stroll through the countryside without any defining moments.

He shows several of Hockney’s paintings in his article – well worth taking a look.

I saw one of his new paintings earlier – somewhere else on the web. It was the first of the large ones shown in this article, but the colours appeared more muted.

I liked it somewhat and was interested to see more.

Now, after seeing all the ones in this article, I want to see the exhibition because I like the vantage point that Hockney has chosen to paint from. It speaks to me.

Plus, I like the colours: Or, rather, I am interested to see how garish or how muted the colours of the paintings themselves are compared to how they look on the web.

The bottom line is that unlike the writer of the article, I think Hockney has {maybe} done some really fine work.

To each his own taste, which motto is one of the most liberating I can think of – that we are all free to think what we like if we want, and no one’s opinion is better than another when it comes to matter of taste.

On matters of education, maybe, but not on matters of taste.

So I respect Norm’s feelings about the Hockney paintings and have only to clear my mind of all thoughts when I see the exhibition.

It is confession time. I am so afraid of thinking something is good because I know and value who painted it, that I almost never look to see who has painted something before I have given the painting my full attention.

Note to self: The Exhibition runs from 21 January – 9 April 2012 at the Royal Academy in London.

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