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Reddle Without A Cause

I am using the Reddle WordPress theme, as you can see.

In truth, if you come to this post sometime in the future, then I might have changed the theme I am using. So before you get too deeply embroiled, you might want to scroll down to the bottom of the page to check whether you are looking at the Reddle theme.

I can say, though, that I am unlikely to be changing anytime in the next few months (which will take us into mid 2012).

Automattic (the people behind WordPress) introduced Reddle on December 6th, and unlike some of the other themes in the WordPress theme collection, Reddle is designed by Automattic themselves.

I asked WordPress Support whether it was likely to be introduced as a theme for self-hosted WordPress blogs and I commented on what I had found out about the word ‘reddle’.

Ian from Support wrote and told me that it was only a matter of time before Reddle would be introduced for self-hosted sites and that:

Reddle drew some inspiration from a theme called Rubric. I like for theme names to similarly draw inspiration from their forebears and so Reddle from Rubric: a rubric, traditionally, is a text heading printed in red and, as you’ve noticed, reddle means to make things red. It’s a pun. And, just as important, it’s fun to say. πŸ™‚

The Black Navigation Bar

But I hadn’t really looked in detail at Reddle or at how my site looked. It was only when looking at Timethief’s article on baking for the winter festive season that I saw the black navigation bar under her very attractive header images.

But I am not using a header image and I don’t want a black bar all the way across the page. And that was when I realised that in my delight over the minimalist appearance of Reddle, I had not noticed that I simply did not have a navigation bar. Oh woe is me; where is my navigation bar?

I played around with the menus and I put the black stripe in place, but it is not for me. At least not without a header image, which I do not want.

Reddle widget menu to the rescue. Now my navigation bar is over on the right – a bit too tucked away to catch the eye, but I still have my minimalist appearance, which I like so much that my eyes go droopy every time I see it.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

This is what Reddle looks like with the navigation bar:

Reddle WordPress theme With Black Navigation Bar

Reddle With Black Navigation Bar


  1. I wish I had the custom design upgrade so I could get rid of the menu bar too. I’m not keen on the black bar or the red dropdowns. I also long to be able to change the font color on links but can’t. I suspect I’ll be changing themes again soon.


  2. Aha! We are both trying the Reddle theme out. I’m trying it out on my personal blog. I regret that we can only change the tagline font color and not the color of links. I also regret the fact that we cannot upload background images that “tile”.


    • Good news: It’s easy to do.

      Go to ‘Menus’ (which may be under ‘Appearance’) and you will see that at top left there is a section headed ‘Theme Locations’ and below that it says that your theme supports one menu.

      What that means is that you can create as many menus as you like, but the theme only supports one menu at a time.

      If you have already created a menu, then choose that menu in ‘Theme Locations’, save it, and your black navigation bar should show up.

      If you haven’t created a menu, then make one.

      You do that in the section over on the right. First give it a name (name it anything you want) and then add pages from the ‘Pages’ section down on the left.

      Then choose that menu in ‘Theme Locations’ and save it. The black navigation bar should show up then.

      (The menu invites you to ‘Automatically add new top-level pages’. Keep that unchecked if you want to manually control what any new pages you make will appear in your navigation bar rather than have them appear automatically when you make them.)

      Finally, the reason you can create more than one menu is that you might make one that includes some categories or certain pages, and another menu that contains just pages, or some different pages. By being able to make more than one menu, you don’t have to destroy one menu to make another.

      I see you are a Mad Men fan. Me too.


      • Cheers for the reply, I think it took me about 3 hours to figure out or something before I got it.

        MAD MEN! Yes it’s more of a necessity for me to like it, I guess. Are you excited for the new season?


        • I want to see the new series, but I am not sure what channel it is going to be shown on? It is the only series where I really want to know what is going to happen in the life of the main character. The fuse was lit a long time ago, but it is still smouldering.


    • I asked the people at Automattic (who own WordPress) the same thing when this theme was introduced for

      I was told that it will be introduced at some point in the future.


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