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Chicken Duck Duck

These three photos that I took at various times over the past year or so demonstrate how faithful or otherwise to the original it is possible to make an image nowadays with Photoshop.

I used one of the Artistic filters (one named Cutout) with the top image, very little at all with the middle image and some saturation enhancement with the lower image.

Each image presents a vision of reality differently and as the subject matter is recognisable in each case – which tells the truth?

Of course, none does. Perhaps there was an ugly object just outside the frame. Perhaps I cloned out detritus from the images. I only make images for what the image will look like.

I made the top image as an experiment in using a particular tool in Photoshop, otherwise I wouldn’t use a tool that produced such an artificial ‘painted’ image. Still, the chicken is recognisable as a chicken.

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