From A Bold Life To A Clean Home

Well, that is a record for me. I wrote how I liked the Bold Life theme and now one day later, I have changed to the super-simple and super clean Clean Home theme.

It reminds me of something I read in Steve Krug’s excellent book on website usability.

He described how some scientists were investigating how people made decisions in high-pressure situations. They looked at firemen tackling a blaze.

The scientists expected that the fire chief would listen to various proposals and then choose the best. But that is not how the decisions were made.

Instead, someone made a suggestion – and if it sounds like a good plan, they went with it. That’s all. No alternative, no weighing up of the best plan.

Steve Krug draws an analogy with website usability. People look at sites and if they don’t know how to navigate them, they just choose a path that looks like it will work and click the link. They don’t sit there carefully weighing up alternatives – they just go for it.

That’s how I changed the theme of this site. No looking back and forth to see which was best. No reading about the style and options – I just clicked to make the change. Then and only then did I look to see whether the new theme suited the articles that I already have posted here.

Steve Krug’s site

5 thoughts on “From A Bold Life To A Clean Home

  1. Clean Home is a theme I keep coming back to, when I get fed up..

    Speaking of usability of websites … GoDaddy must be one of the worse?! No matter how they try, it’s always messed up. I don’t like GoDaddy anymore…


    1. I’ve never used GoDaddy to host a site. I use Dreamhost for all my shared sites and the main site is on a VPS (virtual private server) with a different host based out of New Zealand with servers in various parts of the world. Any we are just in the process of switching the image management to Amazon’s content delivery network for faster loading.

      I also like Clean Home. I have used it on self-hosted sites. It’s pretty.

      Are you running any self-hosted sites at the moment?


      1. Not at the moment. Gave up the one I had, a few months ago. At that time, I had GoDaddy. Never again. Now I’ll wait until some time in March, to see if I can get a domain name that I want …then we’ll see..


        1. You might want to keep an eye on the Dreamhost home page. They occasionally run ads (around holiday times) offering a year’s hosting for something crazy like $10.00


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