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It Is A Bold Life For Me

Over the past several months I have tried several different themes in this blog. I am now using Bold Life and I like it.

“Well of course you like it – otherwise you wouldn’t be using it,” I can hear you say.

Well not so. I have tried and kept several themes that I ‘kind of’ liked. I kept them (for a while) for one reason or another. Perhaps they displayed the whole post rather than an extract, or perhaps the color choices were nice (or nice enough).

But here with Bold Life I have found a theme that I like a lot. And what is more, I think it is a theme that I probably wouldn’t have liked a year ago.

Somewhere along the timeline from the first tine I looked at themes until this point in time, I have became more zingy and zany in my preferences.

Where previously, bold colors or quirky layouts would have put me off – they no longer do.

It’s the same with photographs. I was looking at some subtle HDR (high dynamic range) photos earlier this evening and I know, I just know that I would have found them too unatural and over the top a year ago.

But now, I simply see them differently. I have become accustomed to them and and can accept them without thinking anything adverse.

Has your appreciation of website design and of digital photographs changed over time?

The Pigeon Of Digital Delights

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