I Read It On Blogherald: WordPress.Com To Allow Advertising

Advertising to be allowed to millions of blog owners, reports Blogherald.

Automattic, the parent company of the WordPress platform and WordPress.com announced on Wednesday that they have teamed up with ad professionals Federated Media to provide ad placement on users blogs.

The article goes on to say:

The announcement was made at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco and according to both company’s the program will allow brands and advertisers to target participating WordPress.com site owners to reach relevant audiences based on relevant site content.

Nothing on Automattic’s News page yet so I just asked BlogHerald – What are ‘participating WordPress.com site owners’? Are they any and all blog owners who choose to participate, or will it be open to only some owners who meet certain criteria (readership numbers, blog niche, etc.)?

Custom Design: Fun While It Lasted

Although it is only 8¢ per day, I have had my fun with Custom Design and somehow the benefits of spending $30.00 do not constitute enough enticement for me to keep up for another year.

Automattic (who own WordPress) will not notice my drop in the bucket, but I wonder what it takes in the macro world for the company to start to feel the pinch?

I have been following WordPress Tips, and I see there is some dissatisfaction among users with WordPress and the direction in which it is being guided.

Wordpress custom design cancellation
Wordpress Custom Design - Cancellation