Subscribe Or Follow By Email Prize

I feel like the Nike advertisement – just do it!

I have just read an article at OneCoolSiteBloggingTips about the new WordPress Follow button that you may see at the bottom right of this page.

In the course of commenting on the article I noticed that I did not have an email Sign Up form here on this blog. So I have put the Sign Up form there now at top right.

If you are not following this blog and receiving updates by email – you now know what to do.


I will send a small print of this zebra to two people (names pulled out of a hat) out of those who sign up to this blog before October 31st. This is open to UK, Europe, and North American subscribers only because of postage costs further afield.


WordPress Adds The Tackiest Ads

Here are two views of the end of a recent article about a holly tree that I wrote. The first view is what I see when I am logged in to my WordPress account. The second is what visitors see and what I see when I am not logged in to my account.

Look at the header of this blog. Look at the layout. This is a photography blog. It is image conscious.

So why, WordPress, have you added this tacky, childish-looking ad in my posts?

I know the terms of service say you can insert ads, and I have no quibble with that – it’s the name of the game – but why this tacky ad? Why not something with a little bit of verve and panache? How about something related to photography??

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