Rhinos And Roan Antelope Get Big From Eating Grass

rhino grazing
Rhino Grazing

I really have to reevaluate my thoughts about the value of grass and how animals get this big from eating it. It seems so contrary to ‘common sense’ and yet I know that cows and even the rhino subsist on it.

two roan antelope
Roan Antelope

Image Quality – Panasonic GF1

As a real-world test of the image quality of the GF1, here is a scene in the center of Leeds with people watching a street performer.

It’s a messy scene without focus, but also here is a crop of two percent of the frame that shows the detail that the camera can pick up.

Important: Not sure what is happening with images uploaded here, but they are much more compressed than when they leave my home machine. Must be some setting within WPress at the server end.

crowd in Leeds city center watching a street performer
Street Performer
close up of crowd watching street performer
Crowd Close-Up