The Standard Aside Or Aside From The Standard

What is this all about in with the different kinds of format for posts?

This is what the WP support page says about the formats:

Standard – Your normal, average, everyday blog post. This is the default styling for your theme.
Gallery – Usually will show a thumbnail from the blog post, as well as an excerpt of what the gallery is about.
Aside – These are brief snippets of text that aren’t quite whole blog posts. Useful for quick thoughts and anecdote

I am going to mark this post as an ‘Aside’ and let’s see what it looks like.

Having seen the post I now see that the whole of the post is laid within a yellow box. Oh well.

WordPress App for iOS Latest Version (2.8) Works With WordPress Self-Hosted Blogs

The WordPress App for iOS (iPhone and iPad) has worked for a while with blogs but been very flaky with self-hosted blogs. In common with many people, I found that the app simply could not authenticate my log-in credentials on my self-hosted sites.

A new version of the App (2.8) came out on May 18th, and it works. I published a quite update to No More Pencils from my iPhone and for some stupid reason it made me very happy.

A Photo
This is a photography (or ‘mostly photography’) blog, so here is a photograph of a crested guinea pig who says hello very timidly.

crested guinea pig says hello very timidly

Endangered Species Day – May 20th, 2011

To take a look at the special ecards that Quillcards were asked to make for Endangered Species Day – click here.

There are five ecards in the series. They show animals from around the globe that are threatened with extinction or endangered by the effects of habitat destruction and the spread of pesticides.

Endangered Species Day gives people – both young and old – a chance to join in and learn about the importance of protecting endangered species.

It is also an opportunity to learn about the simple, everyday actions that people can take to help protect disappearing wildlife and the world’s last remaining wide open spaces.

White Stork - An Endangered Species Day Quillcards Ecard

Endangered Species Day was started in the USA by the United States Senate, and is always on the third Friday in May, which this year means that it is this friday, May 20th.

To find out more about the work of the Endangered Species Coalition, please send one (or more) of these ecards that contain a section of pre-formatted text with a link to the ESC website.

Each person to whom you send an ecard is one more person who gets to hear about the coalition and Endangered Species Day and to make other people aware of it.

The ecards are free to send and there is no obligation on you. But please do take this action to help spread the word.

So for Endangered Species Day ecards – click here.