The Morning After – For When The Night Before Was Just Too Good

The Mannequin Sisters

The Mannequin Sisters

Mannequin Origina

Mannequin Origina

Here is an image I am working on, and as you can probably guess, it was originally just one image that I reproduced three times in Photoshop. I also tidied up the background.

Here is the original image so you can compare.

Meanwhile – as Lance Willett of Automattic said in a theme notification:

“Say hello to The Morning After, a classic and popular magazine-style theme that has withstood the test of time.”

Well The Morning After theme lasted less than 24 hours before it messed up – could no longer see anything on the homepage except one post intro. Played around with it – couldn’t fix it – thought about looking at the forums – can’t be bothered with the hassle – easier to change themes.

Now I am using the Duster theme.

Second Update
I didn’t like the way that Duster renders the very large header area so I have gone back to using the Enterprise theme from Studiopress.


  1. coolfeline · February 17, 2012

    Well done! It’s a cool image.

    I could never be bothered with ‘The Morning After’ either..


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