Duck And Drake Public House

This public house is in the center of Leeds near the bus station, the Parish church, and the central market. It is in an area that has been hanging on and on and on.

I imagine it will be long before the area is redeveloped. But first there is another development planned for the other side of the market. It is a huge development and I think that if it goes ahead it will change the character of this part of Leeds which has been struggling for years.

Taken with Panasonic GF1 (full review here).

Duck And Drake Pub
Duck And Drake Pub

Mystique WordPress Theme

I think I am getting carried away with all the new (and good) themes that WordPress is bringing out. It seems like not a week passes without a new one.

I couldn’t resist, and I am now using the Mystique theme, which you can read about here.

Meanwhile I have been photographing fish to accompany an article I just published on Kirkgate Market – The Largest Indoor Market In Europe. Nowadays the fish that are sold on the market stalls come from as far away as Mozambique and China.

Do take a look!