A Well-Worded Subscription Message

People change their minds. Even after wanting to unsubscribe from email updates, they might want to change their minds at the last moment.

Or perhaps a person truly hits the ‘unsubscribe’ button by accident.

Either way, I think this is a well-worded message. I wish more sites had this.



Three Countries I’d Like To Visit And Why

Number One
England – right where I am, but not today. I’d like to visit in the period that is known as the Dark Ages – from about 400 A.D. to 800 A.D. It is called the Dark Ages because so little is known about it. Some beautifully crafted artefacts have been found and we know something about life in the villages – but that’s about it.

Sounds just my kind of place.

Number Two
Europe in 1945, just after the war ended. Can you imagine all those displaced people hardly believing the war was over, wondering what their uncertain future would bring, living with the habits picked up from six years of terror.

What a place to experience.

Number Three
The truth is that I could list many more than three. I have never been to Nepal or China, to name but two. I would like to visit Russia again – I had a scant four days there some years ago and I loved it.

But number three is England, today, where I am right now – but with the emotional and philosophical distance to enjoy what I see without the day to day uncertainties of life turning the magical into the mundane.