Drumming Fingers and Eadweard Muybridge

Drumming Fingers
Drumming Fingers

An addendum to an article in Theonlinephotographer pointed to a 2001 article by Mitchell Leslie in Standford Magazine.

This in turn pointed to a July 2010 update that referred to an exhibition of Muybridge’s work that was to be at Tate Britain from September 8 – January 16, 2011.

The Tate Britain site said “Create Your Own Muybridgized Images” and pointed to an iPhone app.

The trail from TheOnlinePhotographer to the iPhone App interested me and I had scribbled it down.

So the first stop-motion set I created with the Muybridgizer is this one of my fingers drumming on the sheet of paper.

The sheet of paper shows the breadcrumb trail of how I came to be there drumming my fingers.

It’s a pity that the sequence cannot be show as a video. Still – it looks good on the iPhone. You just take the sequence (it’s all pre-set) and when it is saved, you just sweep your fingers across the screen and the images flicker past.

This sequence can also be seen in the Flickr Muybridgizer group pool.

I hope to see the exhibition at Tate Britain.

And I hope to take some more images and put them up here.

Guess The Animal And Win A Prize

The Eye Of What Animal?
The Eye Of What Animal?

I will send a print of the animal (not just the eye you see here) to the first three people to correctly guesses what animal this is.

The print will be 8.3 x 11.7 inches (210 x 297 mm) and will be printed on heavyweight paper stock.

Here is how to enter.

Leave a comment here and name the animal. I moderate all comments, so your comment will not show up until I approve it.

I will publish the comments for the incorrect answers, but hold back any correct one until I have received three correct answers.

Then I will publish the correct answers and email the three winners to ask them where they want me to mail the prints.

What’s the catch, you say? Well there isn’t one other than that it might be entertaining to me as well as to you.

Best of luck – closing date is December 31st, 2010.

The Eye Of What Animal?
The Eye Of What Animal?