Let’s see, what is there to say about the Fusion theme?

It would be nice to be able to change the black header color – as it is, I think it looks a bit severe. Maybe dour would be a good word to describe it.

I know I could use CSS – but I would have to pay for it – and who knows how long I will stick with the Fusion theme?

The black color of the header is not a simple overall black – the hexadecimal of which would be #000000 – it is a gradient that starts out at the bottom as nearly black and gets slightly lighter towards the top.

I ran the digital color meter (it comes bundled with a Mac) over the header area to see what the hexadecimal of the gradient is. It is #111111 shading into #222222 as you move up the header area.

So that is what I set using the gradient tool in Photoshop, and then I wrote the title text in TitilliumTitle20 at 72pt.

Titillium is a free font download from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino where they made the typeface as a project.

I like the upward tabs on this theme a lot. Not too big and not too small – just right – like Goldilocks.

I think the sidebar is too BIG – it’s a bit overpowering. I do like the little orange square though.

I like the space for the tagline.

However, the two measly words I have there at the moment [‘Mostly Photograpy’] look a bit lost though, so I will add a few more as soon as I have posted this.

That’s it except to mention that I made the header image as a png file.

Photoshop’s Save For Web And Devices function enables files to be saved as various file types – gif, Jpeg, png-8, and png-24.

Because the header image is text (as opposed to a photograph) I saved the file as a png-24 because it produces clean files of moderate size. For this kind of simple text (Light Reading) I find it produces a cleaner image than a Jpeg.

One More Thing
A small thing, but I am not super-keen on the very pale plum color of the little boxes around the tags at the bottom of the posts.

As I said, a small thing – but it’s not very attractive to my eye and how did the designer think that this color goes with the egg-yolk yellow of the little boxes in the sidebar? Oh well, it takes all sorts to make a world.

UPDATE: I switched to using the DePo Masthead Theme by Derek Powazek. Now I am back using Fusion. When you read this, I may be using something else – be warned 🙂

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