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Styling Problems
I just read an article on the well-respected OneCoolSiteBloggingTips blog written by Timethief. The particular article I was reading was a guest post written by Richard, another respected blogger, who write a blog named Sacred Path.

Richard’s article was how to deal with the strange occurrence that happens sometimes when the paragraphing in a WordPress post just doesn’t work and the lines are all messed up.

The article on how to deal with it is at No paragraph spacing in post-page editor.

Styling Tips
To round up this review, here is a tip from me. I don’t claim any originality here and I just researched the code (took me all of two minutes to find it) – but I think it is very useful.

So – do you sometimes want to ‘end’ your blog posts with a bit more of a flourish than just typing the last word?

Perhaps a horizontal line that goes part-way across the page?

Here is how to do it, Just type this code and the line will appear: <center><hr width=80%></center> like you can see here:

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