WordPress Bug Report Update

This Is The Bug Report I Filed Using The Format Required by Support At WordPress

I did: tried to pull in the Kevin Costner post on the oil recovery
machine he invented. The post is at
How Kevin Costner Went From Fish-Man to Oil Spill Expert

I saw: the Kevin Costner post and the reblog feature at the top of my
page because Time runs on WordPress.comVIP

I expected: the Coster post to be pulled when I reblogged but in fact
it is always whatever is the latest post from
http://newsfeed.time.com/ that is pulled in.

This Is The Reply I Received From WordPress Support

Hi David

Thanks for reporting this. This appears to be an issue with the Newsfeed blog – we’ll look into it.

To confirm, are you able to use Reblog properly on other blogs?

WordPress.com, Support

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