I Just Had The Weirdest Thing Happen On This Blog

I had just finished posting a short article.

I was talking to my wife and half-looking at the Admin page when the screen opened up with a video.

Just before it ended I managed to take a screen grab. This is it.

There was a voice accompanying the video – sounded Japanese if I had to guess.

At the bottom of the video you can see a line of text. In case it is not clear, it reads:

“How did this make you feel? What did you see? Do you have any inspirations for another surprise?”

Is the video from Automattic? I doubt it. Had Automattic been hacked?

I posted this problem on the WordPress Forums and a forum member with the username of Taletellerin suggests it is the ‘Fun’ setting in the User settings that prompted the video.

I unchecked the ‘fun’ settings in My Profile > Personal Settings. Not my idea of fun.

The 'Fun' Setting
The 'Fun' Setting


  1. timethief says:

    As soon as I found out how to disable this “fun” I did so. I would also like to be able to get rid of that idiotic message that crops up on my dashboard:

    “Congratulations, you win the prize! The chance to take our 5 second survey :)”

    How likely is it that you would recommend WordPress.com to your friends, family, or colleagues? (0: Not a chance, 10: Absolutely)

    This was my response in a thread on the forum:
    I’m not prepared to assign a score from 1 – 10 with regard to recommending wordpress.com to everyone I know who wants to set up a blog. My family members, friends and colleagues do not all have the same requirements and same expectations from a blog, nor do they have the same skill sets. and same levels of willingness when it comes to learning new skills. . Also some may be prepared to pay for additional features and others may not be prepared to do so.

    There are many different blogging platforms and I have blogs on several. They all have different features and some of those features on other blogging platforms, may better suited to meet the requirements and expectations of my family members, friends and colleagues than wordpress.com is.

    I value my relationships with family, friends and colleagues too highly to fob off a 5 second “one-size-fits-all” answer on the survey. My approach has been and will continue to be assessing the needs, expectations, skill sets, willingness to learn, and financial preparedness of each individual, and researching the features of all the different blogging platforms before I made a recommendation. And, those are the reasons why the construct of the 5 second survey produced a FAIL! from me.

    Since that time it has cropped up a couple of times again. Each and every time it does I will be clicking “0”. So their stats on this are not accurate. I’m not in favor of these childish games. What’s next ? Fake ranching?


    1. David says:

      I don’t think I have ever seen:

      “Congratulations, you win the prize! The chance to take our 5 second survey ”
      Lucky me, eh!


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