Light Reading and Photograph Works

Way back in March 2008 I put a post here on Light Reading mentioning that I had moved to my own domain at and that I wouldn’t be updating this blog except perhaps occasionally.

At that time, this name of this blog was Light Reading like it is now.

Much later on I changed it to Photograph Works for reasons that were probably as fuzzy at the time as they appear to me to be with hindsight.

So now, today I have changed back the name of this blog to Light Reading. The URL has remained the same throughout of course, but now I have changed the name back to what it was.

I always liked the name Light Reading because of the double meaning. In fact, I really wonder why I changed it. It remains one of the mysteries of life.

Well, back to the story line: After moving to a new site I started working on other projects.

The result was that, as expected, the page rank of this blog went down (it was 5 at one time) and the page rank of Photograph Works did not go up very much.

Recently I started posting much more on Photograph Works, and visitor numbers are going up.

At the same time, throughout all these changes, I never abandoned this blog entirely. The reasons are again a bit of fuzzy thinking but the biggest benefit is that it has kept me in touch with the community.

That’s how things have been from my side. But things have not been standing still things at as well: Witness the new themes that are available, including the one I am using here on Light Reading now.

3 thoughts on “Light Reading and Photograph Works

  1. Hi David,
    It is not fuzzy thinking but the power of ‘random thought’. We have been programmed to give too much attention to random thought believing that it is some kind of ‘intuition’ but it is not. But random thought is powerful and more we act on it more powerful it becomes. Anyway I agree that Light Reading is a better suited title to your subtle and ethereal observations about your reality.
    All the best.


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