I Just Had The Weirdest Thing Happen On This Blog

I had just finished posting a short article.

I was talking to my wife and half-looking at the Admin page when the screen opened up with a video.

Just before it ended I managed to take a screen grab. This is it.

There was a voice accompanying the video – sounded Japanese if I had to guess.

At the bottom of the video you can see a line of text. In case it is not clear, it reads:

“How did this make you feel? What did you see? Do you have any inspirations for another surprise?”

Is the video from Automattic? I doubt it. Had Automattic been hacked?

I posted this problem on the WordPress Forums and a forum member with the username of Taletellerin suggests it is the ‘Fun’ setting in the User settings that prompted the video.

I unchecked the ‘fun’ settings in My Profile > Personal Settings. Not my idea of fun.

The 'Fun' Setting
The 'Fun' Setting

Using The Select Tool In Photoshop

The Select tool is very useful for isolating areas and then coloring them, erasing areas around them, and rotating them.

It is also useful for rotating type.

The complete article is at Photograph Works – just click the link.

And here is a portrait of a young woman named Michelle that I took a while ago. She worked in a local cafe and we shot this in a park just around the corner from the cafe.

This an a couple of other portraits are in the Gallery section of Photograph Works and you can find them by clicking this link to the Portrait Gallery: