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Fairly Close With An LX3

Trying more shots with my new Panasonic LX3 camera. When I compare the jpegs with the RAW images from the Nikon D60, then the jpeg artifacts in the Panasonic are pretty obvious at 100% viewing. But for normal viewing on a computer screen, I really don’t think shot in this earlier post with the D60 is any better.

So the next thing to do is to get prints made. Then I can decide whether to sell on the D60.


Three Anemones In A Vase


  1. Hey David!

    I had an Lx3 which I used in Europe. Traded it in for a Panasonic Fz35 due to the lack of a zoom. I miss the Lx3. I am debating getting another one or going the s.l.r. route. Nikon or maybe Olympus. Cost and weight of a camera bag are holding me back. That said, there are things you can do with an slr you can’t do with an Lx3!
    I like the Fz35 for the day. Miss the Lx3 for low light.

    You have one photograph of a tree. Did you use the Lx3? Where is the Nikon photo?

    All the best!



    • The willow tree was shot with the LX3. I have lots of shots with the Nikon D60 and the Nikon D700 at my blog (which has the same name as this one). It is Photographworks (just click the link) – it is a WordPress blog and has quite a bit more detail and more tests on it.

      I am still trying to put together the kit that suits me best. I took a lot of shots with the D60 for our trip to India recently and you can see the photos on our other blog at The QC Blog here. (Again, just click the link.)

      Let me know what you think – comment here or over there.

      I took a look at your blog and it is good to meet up with another photographer. I’ll check back on your blog now.


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