1. Hi, I found your review of the P5100 very helpful. I am currently debating between the G9 and the 5100 myself. As a D200 user I certainly have a bias toward the Nikon ergonomics and handling, as well as image quality. But I am wondering if the speed issue is something worth going for the G9. I have the G9 with me but it is difficult to grip and the colors seems a bit over-saturated compared to what I am used to.

    Did you sell the camera due to any issues with the performance of the camera or was it something else? Any other comments would be helpful.


  2. Hi Mark,
    The camera was really good when the lighting was controlled, and I took some shots that I like a lot. But I gave it up for two main general reasons.

    When the exposure and white balance is right, jpeg is fine and most of my images become jpegs when they are ready for printing. But if exposure or white balance is not how I want it, then I definitely want to tweak images in 16 bit, which means RAW.

    The second reason was the viewfinder. I just didn’t know what was in focus. And trusting to the greater depth of field with small lens/sensor combinations isn’t my style.

    And there is a third reason which is that I bought a long lens for my D200 and it’s too big to keep taking on and off. So it stays on the camera. Which meant I wanted a second body. So I bought a D60 and funded part of that by selling the P5100.

    I had a D40 about a year ago and sold that when I got the P5100. The D40 was 6MP and I wanted more. The D60 satisfies that and it’s very easy to use.

    I don’t plan on looking at a small camera until Nikon or Canon come out with something no bigger or heavier than the P5100, with a huge hotshoe viewfinder and with a big sensor.


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