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In the Yorkshire Dales, near Masham

We spent this afternoon driving over the moors in the Yorkshire Dales. As the sky turned a gentle pink in the mid to late afternoon as we were approaching the village of Masham, I leaned out of the car window and we were greeted with a very pungent smell of whatever the last tractor and trailer had deposited on the road.

Looking on the lightbox in Camera Raw at the three shots I took of this tree, I heard myself say again that it is all about the quality of the light.

Some shots I took earlier, when the sun was higher and the shadows harsher, were not so interesting to me.

1/35second at f3.5, ISO 200 – Nikon P5100

Dales near Masham


  1. Your work is always stunning but I really LOVE this shot! You framed it perfectly and many unique things are found here! I love how the tree is in the shape of a heart for Valentines day and you have the pink background which works perfectly with the lighting! WOW you really do some good stuff here!


  2. Hi Tom,

    I liked the composition the moment I saw it, and it is absolutely great to hear you like it too.

    We were driving over the moors when I saw the shot. So I backed up and set the car at an angle near the side of the road and tripped the shutter.

    It was a very narrow road, and I checked I wasn’t obstructing it. It’s a narrow ribbon of tarmac, over miles of rough grass and brown heather and we were the only car on it for miles.



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