York under water – Nikon P5100

I cropped the bottom fifth or so of the frame out because the bridge on which I was standing was in the shot.

Click on the thumbnail of the image for a larger version



  1. gingerporter says:

    What an amazing photo….I felt so bad for all of those who were displaced by the floods in England. We saw much of it on the news coverage here in the U.S

    I have been looking through your photos. I have enjoyed seeing parts of your country….It is one of the places I hope to visit before my days end… 🙂 Continue to share if you would please?


  2. David says:

    Many thanks, and will do!

    I think the photo is particularly poignant because of the contrast between the beauty of the old buildings and the power of the swollen river, though the river is beautiful also.

    When I was looking at the scene I was thinking of what the buildings must be like inside and how they were in danger after having stood there for so many years.


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