Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers



Pigeon Defeats Bird Feeder

It’s been a while since I took part in the WordPress weekly photo challenge. And I have more or less missed the date of this week’s challenge because it was on Friday.

We have resident pigeons who snaffle the seeds from the bird feeder. I say ‘snaffle’ because we intend the seed to benefit smaller birds.

But pigeons have their place in the universe – and in this case their universe includes this bird feeder.

Yesterday, this pigeon found his way into the bird feeder outside our bedroom and I had my camera handy.

I wasn’t thinking of the Photo challenge theme until I looked at the shot on my computer.

Now I have decided to submit it for this week’s challenge, which is containers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art


This is my contribution to this week’s WordPress challenge, which is under the title ‘Work of Art‘.

I took the photograph in the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

The painting is by Constant Montald and is entitled ‘La Fontaine de l’inspiration’ – the fountain of inspiration.

I guess it might seem that I took the photo because of the contrast between the couple who are so wrapped up in each other, and the painting to which they are seemingly oblivious.

But the truth is that the main reason I took the photo is for the sheet graphic quality of the large rectangle in pastel colours and contrast with the small dark shape of the couple.

I try sometimes to look back into my head to see what it is that triggers me to want to take a photo. It is kind of possible – but not completely.