More Comment Spam

In the couple of days since I changed from to I have seen a big increase in spam comments.

What does it mean, Tonto?

I think it means that spambots prefer what look to them like main domains rather than ‘’ subdomains.

Should you buy a domain and No-Ads

Should you? Well if ‘painless and easy to do’ are all that’s holding you back, then go for it. I did.

After years (yes, years) of not liking ads on this site and even writing about them back in 2011 under the title WordPress Adds the Tackiest Ads – I finally bought the no-ads upgrade.

What tipped me into doing it was a humorous (well I thought so) thread in the the Volunteer support pages here in WordPress in which TimeThief and Auxclass explained the ins and outs of WordPress ads to a blogger.

At the same time as getting the no-ads upgrade, (well, I was in the mood now) I bought a domain.

So now the original subdomain under which I have been blogging here for years resolves to

I also bought the premium theme Cocoa, but only after buying it did I realise it has no sidebar options (only footer widget options) so I got a refund.

And the whole buy/deliver/refund process went very smoothly.

Kudos to the Automattic team.

So now I am looking for a theme again and I am kind of attracted to Broadsheet, but I will spend a bit more time thinking before jumping in and buying a theme this time around.

I know Rebs from ColderWeather likes the Linen theme – good choice – might choose that.

Update 25th July: Rebs is now blogging at Time And Tide.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers



Pigeon Defeats Bird Feeder

It’s been a while since I took part in the WordPress weekly photo challenge. And I have more or less missed the date of this week’s challenge because it was on Friday.

We have resident pigeons who snaffle the seeds from the bird feeder. I say ‘snaffle’ because we intend the seed to benefit smaller birds.

But pigeons have their place in the universe – and in this case their universe includes this bird feeder.

Yesterday, this pigeon found his way into the bird feeder outside our bedroom and I had my camera handy.

I wasn’t thinking of the Photo challenge theme until I looked at the shot on my computer.

Now I have decided to submit it for this week’s challenge, which is containers.