Author: David Bennett

I finally got around to setting up a portfolio of ‘people photography’ on my self-hosted site at I have had the domain for a long while and I built a site on the domain once upon a time. Then I ‘deconstructed’ it and it has taken a while to find time to do it again, only differently.

I set it up this time because I wanted to go out of the streets here in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival and give people somewhere to see the photos I shot of them.

By the way, if you have a self-hosted site and you want to destroy it but not actually destroy the WordPress installation, you can use a plugin named Database Reset (just put that name into the plugin search field on the repository.)

Database Reset keeps your user credentials so you can continue to access the back end, and it gives you the option to keep or junk plugins and themes.

This time around I used a theme from GavikPro. It’s a free theme from the WordPress repository and it has a few options for transitioning the front face of the posts to the posts themselves.

Here’s a screen grab of the front page and I have also put a widget link in the sidebar:





She was in character for A Fistful of Hunny by the Queen Mary Theatre Company at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The List describes the play as:

Christopher’s childhood animal friends are back. They’ve brought threats, baseball bats, and an offshore bank account ready to be wired millions. They’re jealous. Pissed-off. Christopher owes them, and tonight’s the night when the Pooh hits the fan. Screw the wood. This lot are dreaming of a hundred acre island. A Fistful of Hunny is a dark, frenzied comedy about kidnapping, blackmail, extortion and heffalumps.

Glorious Light In Edinburgh Yesterday Evening


I went photo hunting and then I went into Starbucks when I saw the early evening light striking the buildings. Because Edinburgh is so far north (55˚) the light slants in from an angle even in the summer. This raking light is one of the reasons that Scotland attracts so many photographers in early autumn when the landscape is lit by this gorgeous light.

Shot with my iPhone 6.

I don’t know why the image is fuzzy here – anyone know what WordPress does?

Click the photo and click again and you will see it big and sharp.

This is a smaller version – you can ignore it – it is so that I can upload it to The Online Photographer