Nikon 1 V2 – New From Nikon

It’s lighter than the V1 by about 30g and it looks like the two biggest criticisms of the V1 – the easily-moved wheel and the paddle that flips up and down easily – may have been addressed.

I think the V1 is much prettier, but the V2 may have the features I want in a small camera.

Same size sensor
14.2megapixels versus 10.1 in the V1
Same 3:2 aspect ratio
Diopter adjustment now goes to +2 (great for me)
Built-in flash

Looks like a NEX series Sony camera from this angle.

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6 Responses to Nikon 1 V2 – New From Nikon

  1. Rebekah says:

    Have you had the opportunity to try these cameras? I’ve only seen the commercials.

    • I haven’t see one except in the advertisements. I have played with a V1 and I keep thinking about getting one because of the claims of very fast autofocus. I figure that with the V2 coming out, the V1 prices will drop even more and then probably rise when and if it becomes a cult camera.

      • Rebekah says:

        Good thinking [about the when/if cult]. Very fast auto focus would be a good argument.
        Will this be a new thing now, where we see a new model every year … like the iPhone?! :)

        • I don’t understand Nikon’s thinking, do you?

          Perhaps they are not thinking. They make world-beating dSLRs. Their ‘lowest’ model in the range – the D3200 – is fast and has good colour accuracy.

          So why has Nikon been making second-rate compact cameras for years and coming out with models every few months? It beats me.

          I think the V1 might be good. I must put a card in one and try it out. :-)

  2. Jennifer says:

    I think the answer is CES, because the drive to show something new every year meets consumer demand and, contrarily, not necessarily photographer expectation.

    • CES? Consumer Electronics Shows?

      Yes, I can see that.

      I recognise in myself that if my favourite brand does not bring out something new, I think they are slipping. And if they bring out something I want, I feel I am slipping behind if I don’t get it. ;-)

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