Should you buy a domain and No-Ads

Should you? Well if ‘painless and easy to do’ are all that’s holding you back, then go for it. I did.

After years (yes, years) of not liking ads on this site and even writing about them back in 2011 under the title WordPress Adds the Tackiest Ads – I finally bought the no-ads upgrade.

What tipped me into doing it was a humorous (well I thought so) thread in the the Volunteer support pages here in WordPress in which TimeThief and Auxclass explained the ins and outs of WordPress ads to a blogger.

At the same time as getting the no-ads upgrade, (well, I was in the mood now) I bought a domain.

So now the original subdomain under which I have been blogging here for years resolves to

I also bought the premium theme Cocoa, but only after buying it did I realise it has no sidebar options (only footer widget options) so I got a refund.

And the whole buy/deliver/refund process went very smoothly.

Kudos to the Automattic team.

So now I am looking for a theme again and I am kind of attracted to Broadsheet, but I will spend a bit more time thinking before jumping in and buying a theme this time around.

I know Rebs from ColderWeather likes the Linen theme – good choice – might choose that.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers



Pigeon Defeats Bird Feeder

It’s been a while since I took part in the WordPress weekly photo challenge. And I have more or less missed the date of this week’s challenge because it was on Friday.

We have resident pigeons who snaffle the seeds from the bird feeder. I say ‘snaffle’ because we intend the seed to benefit smaller birds.

But pigeons have their place in the universe – and in this case their universe includes this bird feeder.

Yesterday, this pigeon found his way into the bird feeder outside our bedroom and I had my camera handy.

I wasn’t thinking of the Photo challenge theme until I looked at the shot on my computer.

Now I have decided to submit it for this week’s challenge, which is containers.

WordPress Security Talk At WordCamp Chicago – Brennen Byrne

I have been watching WordPress TV videos for a while. Some are over my head, but there are snippets of value to pick up even with the very technical talks.

This particular talk is easy to follow and very watchable. And it doesn’t just relate to WordPress sites, although Brennen Byrne does talk about them too.

Here’s the link to WordPress Security on WordPress TV.

And here’s the link to the WordPress security checklist on Brennen Byrne’s Clef site.

Update July 2014

Here are a couple of articles I published elsewhere in the last few days:

The first is about a poem I commissioned last summer: Poems To Order

The second is about a dog who became a famous philosopher

The third one is how to force HTTPS on a self-hosted WordPress site, which you might want to do if you are running an ecommerce website.

Image Sizes

I still haven’t found a satisfactory way of resizing images for uploading to a site from an iPhone.

More investigation needed…

However, the WordPress app for iPhone also works with self-hosted WordPress sites. And just today I came across a plugin called ImSanity that resizes large files that are uploaded to a site.

So I am going to experiment with that. It would be good if there was an equivalent piece of code built into sites – maybe with an on/off toggle for people who don’t want to have images resized.