Limerick For Writing201

The theme set for today is ‘limerick’
And at composing those, I am pretty slick
But enjambment’s the word
To insert in the third?
Now that leave mes feeling pretty sick.

[Guidelines for Day Four: A limerick on the theme of ‘imperfection’ and containing an enjambment*]

  • An enjambment is a grammatical sentence that stretches from one line of verse to the next.

Sketching With Astropad

nelson-monumentThis image is a sketch I made of the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill in Edinburgh.

I wrote about the Nelson Monument and about the folly on the hill in an article on the Quillcards Blog.

Here I want to talk about how I made the sketch.

I have a Macbook Air for when I am traveling, and the only reason I might be tempted to buy an iPad is for the reduction in weight.

Against that there is the loss of a real keyboard.

For a longish while the only option for connecting between Photoshop on a laptop and some kind of stylus was the Wacom range of touch-sensitive boards and some competitors who made similar boards.

Then a little while ago I saw a review of the Astropad. It is an app that links between the iPad and a laptop.

So, no more need for the Wacom because the iPad takes its place. That sounded very good and gave me reason to want an iPad.

In a nutshell, Astropad enables you to open Photoshop on the laptop and sketch so that the effects appear on the laptop while you draw on the iPad.

The big attraction is that you have the full range of tools that are available in Photoshop. That’s because Astropad is effectively just an extended link between the iPad and the laptop.

Now fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when Astropad for the iPhone came out. Yippee!!!!!!!

I think Astropad can link via Bluetooth or wifi (not sure), but why bother when you can just pop the USB into the port on the Mac? Astropad for Mac is free (here’s the download link for iPhone to Mac) so all you need to buy is the $5.00 iPhone app.

So that is what I have been doing and it is great fun.

Strangely, or perhaps not, it has given me more reason to get an iPad so I can take advantage of a bigger screen area than I get on the iPhone.