Photoshop CS6 Crashing? It Might Be The Crop Tool

Photoshop CS6 has been crashing on me. The reason, as you will see when you read this, is a specific situation but one that has affected me and might be the rea

I have had Photoshop CS6 for a couple of years. I use it daily on a Mac running El Capitan. About three weeks ago Photoshop started crashing – particularly when I clicked OK after using the colour picker. But it can also run OK for several colour picker ‘clicks’ and then crash. Just now it crashed without me even touching the colour picker. Following advice from Pete Green of Adobe. at the weekend I uninstalled and used the cleanup tool and reinstalled – and it is still doing it. Pete suggested I attach a crash report, which I am pasting in here.

Chris Cox (Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe):
That’s an obscure issue that took a long time to figure out (cause and effect were very far apart), and was fixed in Photoshop CC 2014. Bottom line: caused by the crop tool, but doesn’t show up until you change a color.

I do not understand how the issue can only show itself now when I have been using CS6 – including the crop tool – for a long time without issue.

Is there a patch?

Chris Cox:
This bug was in Photoshop for a while, but it was very difficult to diagnose because the cause and effect were very far apart, and the specific cause far from obvious. We know that it was caused by using the crop tool, then later changing the colors.

Again, this is fixed in Photoshop CC 2014.

I still don’t understand how a bug can surface after two years of using the product and not before. I use CS6 daily and this issue only started happening a few weeks ago. To me that suggests that the issue has been introduced by some other factor, such as an update to Camera Raw or something. I don’t want to bang on about this and alienate those who can help me, but I like having the product on my machine rather than a subscription model – and in so far as it is possible to resolve the issue, I want help to do so.

Chris Cox:
No, Photoshop CS6 (13.x) is several versions behind the current version of Photoshop (CC 2015 – aka 16.1.2).

Er, even the subscription has the product on your machine. All that changes is the license.

Basically the bug requires very specific steps, which not everyone hits all the time.
No, we know the exact cause of this bug. To avoid this, don’t change the image zoom while using the crop tool.

Hoho – that’s it? Don’t use the zoom tool while using the crop tool? I can live with that.

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I set up a free subdomain site and ran it through GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights and it’s running pretty fast.

Really, there is no reason not to set up at least a free sub-domain site there.

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What Caught My Eye At Tate Britain

Following on from What Caught My Eye At The National Portrait Gallery, here are a couple of paintings at Tate Britain that I want to talk about.


This is Our English Coasts, otherwise entitled Strayed Sheep by the Pre-Raphaelite painter William Holman Hunt.

Some paintings are garish and I don’t give that a second thought because it fits with the work – van Gogh for example. But Holman Hunt’s painting is realistic and detailed. And that is at odds with the colours. I know that the Impressionists really took to heart the notion of seeing the colours that make up things in a scene and using them.

But there is something different about Hunt’s painting. It is almost as though it has been embellished and turned into a design.




This is Cookmaid With Still Life Of Vegetables by Nathaniel Bacon, painted in about 1625. I remembered an article by Art Moscow about the use of cucumbers in art, so I went hunting around the painting looking for cucumbers.


Finally, there is Brighton Pierrots by Walter Richard Sickert, painted in 1915. I like the way we the viewers are given an insider’s view of the reality behind the show.

I may be wrong, but given that Sickert painted it in 1915 during World War I, he might well have thought that the world needed to be looked at through a long lens.

Getting To Tate Britain

Tate Britain is in Pimlico, which is a couple of stops down from Victoria.

Coming out of the tube station, you are met with white painted stone buildings in classical style, iron railings, and all very elegant and yet modest in size. In fact the buildings in the whole area are modest in size.

There is just one main road to negotiate and then into streets of small Georgian period houses.

The street leading up to Tate Britain is lined on both sides with London Plane trees (or Baobab trees as Tamara jokingly likes to call them).

The area lives on in the memory, and I can walk the journey in my mind and absorb the relaxed atmosphere (barring the busy main road). I think it is the very fact that it is in central London that causes this effect.