Greeting Cards Around The World

I am researching information for an article about greeting cards around the world today – who sends them, what do they send – and I have put the questions into a survey.

The survey is set up to accept free-form answers. In other words, you can write a sentence or just a word or two – whatever you think is appropriate.

I’ve list the questions here so that you know what to expect – and you can take the Greeting Card Survey on SurveyMonkey.

  • What cards are ‘must-sends’ (e.g. Mother’s Day)
  • Do most towns have shops that specialise in selling greeting cards?
  • What is the typical cost of a card + postage ?
  • Are most cards blank inside or do they have a verse or other words pre-printed on the inside?
  • Do people display cards they receive – for example, putting them on a mantelpiece?
  • Who sends cards – for example – young people / only older people / mostly women?
  • Is the practise of sending cards a generational thing that is dying out or are cards going strong?
  • Add the name of your country here.

Again, you can take the survey HERE on SurveyMonkey.