Wanted: Bloggers To Review Greeting Cards


Dateline: Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Website: Flying Twigs

URL: http://www.flyingtwigs.com

Proposal Q and A

Q: What type of product are you asking bloggers to review?

A: Greeting cards

Q: What qualifies a blogger to review your products?

A: Someone who writes on subjects that fit well with the greeting cards – so subjects like gifts, crafts, photography art, inspiration quotations, culture, literature, travel, animals, humour, the environment, flowers… it’s probably easier to take a look at the site and see the cards.

One thing is that for sales to individuals we currently only ship to addresses in the UK.

We are looking at ways to sell abroad but at the present time for retail sales, it is UK customers only.

So if you are a blogger with an audience that is mostly outside the UK, then your readership may be disappointed if they can’t actually get the product.

But if you think your audience would react well to hearing about these cards, then as a blogger… don’t be put off if you are outside the UK.

Actually, for us that’s possibly a good way to see whether there could be a strong market for the cards outside the UK.

Q: Why don’t you sell outside the UK?

A: The cost to post to addresses abroad. We could get the cards printed in the country where there is a big enough market… and we are thinking strongly about the USA.

We’d have to be sure we can do proper quality control and we’d need to employ someone locally to actually send out the cards.

We have looked into it, but it takes a lot of setting up and it’s not something to enter into lightly if you want to do it right.

Q: Anything else about the blogger?

A: It would be good if the blogger has a reasonably engaged readership, but it’s not the main thing. The main thing is a review with a bit of spark to it; written by someone who wants to write about the cards because they like them and has something to say about them.

The bottom line is that every review is valuable feedback for us.

Q: What’s in it for the blogger?

A: Content. Bloggers always want content. Of course, it has to be the right content. Hopefully, the cards are eclectic and different enough that they would appeal.

By the way, if a blogger but doesn’t think a review would be ‘their thing’… but thinks that maybe other bloggers they know would want to review the cards, then spread the word.

Q: What about getting a sample of the cards?

A: If someone wants to review the cards (and the website as well) and it looks like they and we are a good fit, we’ll send a card or two. Holding a card is part of what it’s all about.

We may say how thick the card is how the writing surface takes pen without smudging, but actually holding a card is transformative.

Q: Any final points?

A: Just that when someone writes a review, it is your review addressed to your readership, so it’s only right that you have complete control and can say what you like about the cards, and what you don’t like (hopefully, not much that you don’t like..).

Q: How should bloggers contact you?

A: Go to the website at Flying Twigs and contact us via the Contact page. There’s a contact form and an email address and a phone number there.

URL: http://www.flyingtwigs.com

A Month Away

It hasn’t been a pretty month – it’s been a month away dealing with personal matters. We had two days at the end to enjoy New York and here are a couple of shots from the Met.



Photography 101: Solitude


Solitude: the state of being or living alone. It is not synonymous with loneliness. Loneliness is a feeling of disconnection or of missing the company of others.

Solitude is a place – a space in the rush of things, a space we seek where we can turn inwards and hear the heartbeat of the place and of time.

Photography 101: Water


Yesterday I cleaned the inside of the sink with a paste cleaner made for stainless steel. I must have left some residue because when I looked at the sink this morning the water in the sink had coalesced with surface tension into these shapes.

Plainly, they are not random. Rather they are the consequence of the forces acting upon them.

To calculate or model or predict the forces that would result in exactly these shapes is as good an example as any of the ‘butterfly flapping its wings in the forest’ principle.

If you haven’t come across that before, it’s the idea that in the real world there are innumerable forces at work that can have a multiplying effect.

So one might say that a hurricane’s origins could be traced back to the air currents caused by a butterfly flapping its wings somewhere in the Amazon basin.

When I was a nerdy teenager with nerdy friends, I remember arguing the other way out, as it were – that someone with Godlike powers of comprehension could read out the whole of the universe by looking at a grain of salt.

Which reminds me of the opening verse of Blake’s poem Auguries of Innocence. I don’t think it’s saying the same thing, but the idea of stopping long enough to appreciate the world is worthwhile for everyone’ sanity.

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

It really is a case of expanding the universe inside one’s head. Perhaps that is why someone can treat others and the environment so badly – they have a small universe in their heads.